• BB Mystery Box ☠️📦

    Each Box valued over $149.99 this BrokeBois Mystery Box is a STEAL at $59.99! Receive or GIFT a box full of goodies without breaking the bank!

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  • BB Mini Mystery Box

    Like its older brother, the BB Mini Mystery Box packs a punch! This starter kit is sure to blow you away everytime!

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  • BB Mystery Pipe

    Looking for a new pipe but dont want to go through the struggle of looking for one? For only $12.99, let us ship a One of a Kind - Handblown glass pipe! With each pipe individually seleceted for you, each BB Mystery box is sure to surprise you!

    Mystery Pipe Roulette! 
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14MM Replacement Bowls

18MM Replacement Bowl

Silicone Waterpipes

Glass Bongs




BrokeBois Collection